This Is It…

Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve written Anything. It just seemed like I’d written all I had to write for the time, and the time to watch, wait, and be still had come.

I am writing this now to give warning, although the alarm has sounded too little too late, and now….well, it’s too late. This is it. I’ve known since Obama was elected that this was the Last President the U.S. would ever see, although I did not yet know at the time how it would happen, and now it is possible to see why there will not be another election.

This Ebola virus, I believe, was engineered, let loose, and is airborne. It is going to spread like wildfire, and it is going to kill up to 1/3 the world population (as seen in Rev) the pale horse is indeed riding.

I have this to say, in this time, for the end of days, and it comes from Joshua 1:9, ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for The Lord, your God, will be with you wherever you go.” Keep your gaze on Him, who gives Life, and Life more abundantly.

Do not fear that which can kill the body, do not fear: Prepare, if you feel in your heart that God moves you to do this. Then keep your eyes on Him. This is It for this world, and though we may live here for now, we are not Of this world. I feel sorrow for those that will die without knowing God, without knowing where they will spend eternity….

We know. Take comfort. This is it, guys. Eyes up, Maranatha!!


Lightning Strikes World Trade Center TWICE As Pope Is To Sit On King David’s Tomb, and “RARE” Earthquake Hits Israel!

        From the most recently written posts on this blog, as well as countless other echoes written by others, I wanted to recommend looking at the inspired writing of my dear sister In Christ, Helena Lehman: 

         Along with this, Paul Begley (among other reputable sources) spoke on the issue as well.

Surely, something bodes very unwell for the world, and yet…..this could very well be pointing to the much anticipated departure of Yahweh’s/Yeshua’s Faithful, eagerly awaiting His glorious evacuation of those that are truly His!!

Martial Law Coming Now?!

         The following article is a must-read. I feel it appropriate to share that I awoke today with a very deep, very real, very troubled feeling. I feel inexplicably sad (truly on the verge of tears), and a foreboding, as I sense something is, quite simply, extremely wrong.
        This is Not a feeling that belongs in my personal world. It is  very big feeling, way beyond myself, and when I tried to explain these feelings to a friend, I was shown the following article.
         I truly do not yet know if this is where/why I am having these feelings, but I decided to share them and the following post. If you are not already in constant prayer, Now is the time to be, for I tell you truly, Something Comes, and it is Not good.
Yeshua, have mercy, Yeshua, come soon.


        It has been some time since I have shared or written here. I feel a pull that says it is time to share: impressions, feelings, encouragement, words that will come through me though I do not claim the message to be only mine own. There are things that need to be said, and so, I invite the Holy Spirit to inspire, and to speak.
        Whether warning, praise, or prose, I encourage you, as always, and with everything, to take what is shared here before Yeshua, before Yahweh, to discern that these words indeed are impartations from The Holy Spirit.
          Yeshua and Yahweh are very aware I do not enjoy sharing in this way (for it is a great responsibility to say the least) but I am Their servant, and it is in this capacity that I speak (though some words are simply my own, others are clearly not, and this will become clear as I write):
Things are changing, and changing quickly. The darkness is not being held at bay, rather it is and has been, steadily trickling through the cracks, and soon to sweep the entire globe as the dam, very simply, breaks. A new level of evil, in men, in women, in demonic forces, for the time has come when these forces are to be completely unleashed.
         Ah, but Lord, what means this? And how are we, that know You, that claim You, to bear this? For we have already borne much, and we are weary, and we long but for one thing: YOU.
         My Beloveds, My Faithful, focus on Me and Me alone. Make your armor strong, sharpen your sword. Cleave unto me as never before, and seek My Face as the starving seek bread. For I Am The Life, I Am The Food, even as surely I Am the bread of Life. Make your bed under the covering of My Holy Spirit, and be rest assured, that though the evil seems to encompass, it is but dust in the Light of Me.
           I Am Light, abide in Me, and know that you shall be hidden in My Light, away from the darkness, for what place has darkness in such Light? I Am the light of the world, though the world grows dark, and I tell you these things so that you understand: Time is shorter than ever before; the harvest, the harvest that I have so carefully cultivated, is seconds away from reaping.
Know, KNOW, that I, Come Soon. Do not sleep, nor slumber, rather be vigilant as you watch and wait. I, The Lord, have spoken, and I Am Coming Soon.

I pray this will bless, encourage, and edify.
Blessings and Peace,