I have a short story to share. It begins with trying to help someone that supposedly needed it, someone that had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. So, I helped this person. I fed this person, I clothed this person, I ministered to this person, and this person in turn literally robbed me.
      I feel now like I can not trust my own judgement. I feel extremely stupid. I also feel exceedingly sad that there are people like that in this world. When Yeshua said to love people, to pray for those that spitefully use you, to bless and not curse, to turn the other cheek……. Well, easier said than done.
        Father, give me wisdom, give me strength, and please put it in me to be able to forgive.

-People Are Morphing Into “Literal Demons” and Proud of It! A New World Order of Its Own Kind (Horrifying Pictures and Videos) | Prophecy


Truth And Hope

        I  have wanted to write this particular post for a while now, especially since I have, more and more, read several unnamed persons’ ‘deciphering’ the Matthew 25 Parable of Ten Virgins. Now, there is nothing wrong, by any means, in delving more deeply into God’s Word, as we know much can be gained from such pursuits. . . however, this also means there is room for grave error, and there is a fine line we walk.

         There is Nothing more devastating to be told (in essence by these ‘people’) that only a certain elect, select few will take part in the event known as The Rapture, for alas, hardly ANY but these select few are worthy to be taken in this Blessed Event. Cross your I’s, dot your T’s, make certain you appear to walk more closely to Yahweh God and Yeshua Jesus than ANYONE else because otherwise…..Well, your chances don’t look good!!! 

        WOW. Is any one of us, mere mortals, any more worthy than the next human being to be saved?? Have we not All sinned and come short of The Glory of God?! (Romans 3:23) It also states we are saved by Grace (Ephesians 2:8-9) and Faith so that No Man May Boast!!!!

            So, salvation is a Gift. The Rapture is a Gift. None of us are worthy except through and in Jesus, Period (2 Corinthians 5:21) as He made us worthy through HIM!!!! How awesome is that?? That means Not One of us by another’s judgment or interpretation of ‘righteousness’ is subject to this; we are subject, individually, by God’s eyes, and His alone, as He alone shall judge (Psalm 9:8). 

      The meaning of this Parable at its basest level is Very clear: According to John 3:16, confess your sins, ask Jesus into your heart, and begin your journey with Him. Have faith in the knowledge that you are saved by His Grace, and that does not end with His Gift of salvation, but have faith that when He calls His Body, He won’t leave parts behind. 

      At the same time, Do not simply say ‘I am a Christian’, but know Him not. Ask to know Him and for Him to know you: let no Person be judge, jury, and executioner of your heart. 





Something Coming…

Something is coming, but I don’t know what. I feel, in my spirit, that this year, we will see something huge. Is it the rapture, our blessed hope? Is  an event set up by the elite? Perhaps both even??

I know not for certain What is approaching, only that it comes, so keep your eyes on Yeshua (Jesus) for I Know He is to call us, Sooner rather than later, He will call us up, away from this earth, and to our real life to come.

Something is coming, very soon, that will shake the very foundations of this earth. It draws nearer every day, this ‘thing’ and we shall see it Soon.

Be encouraged, Keep watching and waiting, and do not fear, For HE will never leave us nor forsake us, but is always near….





✞ Music “I Need A Miracle” by Third Day


This is Exactly what we all need, in these times, Miracles, so seek them by seeking Yahweh/Yeshua. Bring your faith, for you have nothing else but that in order to get a miracle.
Blessings, N

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“I Need A Miracle”

Well, late one night, she started to cry and thought, “He ain’t coming home”
She was tired of the lies, tired of the fight, but she didn’t want to see him go
She fell on her knees and said, “I haven’t prayed since I was young
But Lord above, I need a miracle”

Well no matter who you are and no matter what you’ve done
There will come a time when you can’t make it on your own
And in your hour of desperation
Know you’re not the only one
Prayin’, “lord above, I need a miracle
I need a miracle”

He lost his job and all he had in the fall of ’09
Now he feared the worst, that he would lose his children and his wife
So he drove down deep into the woods and thought he’d end it all
And prayed, “Lord above…

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